Lebanese Administrations' Staff Breakdown

The scandal of employing around 1500 employees in public administrations after August 2017 (the agreement in the Lebanese government to freeze employment) with in a non lawful manner; pushed Gherbal Initiative to reach out to: the National Social Security Fund, the State Employees Cooperative and the Central Inspection Bureau to obtain the numbers of these employees in public administrations.

In the figures obtained from the National Social Security Fund and the State Employees Cooperative, we were able to discover that the number of employees in these administrations is 74,170 people. These figures do not reflect all employees as they exclude day-to-day employees and other staff members who are not included in the social funds. We divided these numbers by ministries and according to gender breakdown in each ministry.

After several follow-ups with the Central Inspection Bureau, we obtained the file prepared and submitted to the relevant ministries. We found that the number of employees who were admitted to the ministries between August 2017 and August 2019 amounted to 1864 people (404 of them legally, and 1460 were employed in illegal forms). We have converted these figures into visual graphs showing their division among ministries.

You can read the full report (in Arabic) on this link 

Remark: This study included ministries only, and there are more employees in the rest of the public administrations, such as public institutions, independent departments and municipalities.