Transparency in Lebanese Administrations 2019

In terms of form, we review in this report the responses of public administrations to requests for information related to their budgets in terms of disbursement and collection. We have submitted requests to 140 administrations requesting the financial statements of the year 2017. In this project, we did not simply request data and waited for answers; we followed up thoroughly with phone calls and field visits and sent follow ups to various replies collected. The effort resulted in  33 break downs of administrative financial statements that we were able to analyze. 


A number of administrations tried to avoid our requests by providing us with a copy of the General Budget Law, while others indicated that the information requested were already published in the Official Gazette. In parallel, a number of administrations refused to provide us with information on the pretext of non-enforcement of the law prior to the issuance of implementing decrees, or considering the financial statements not included in documents mentioned in law provisions. We replied to all these alibis stating that the law was immediately effective after its publication in the Official Gazette, and the information we are requesting should be accessible as long as they do not appear within the exceptions contained in articles IV and V of the Right to Access Information Law.

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