R.A.I.L (2018)

In September 2018, Gherbal Initiative published a baseline study analyzing the communication with 133 Lebanese administrations summarizing the answers obtained for the following questions:

Are you committed to “Publication Duty” of decisions and financial transactions, in accordance with Law No. 28/2017 – Articles 6, 7 & 8?

Do you have a public electronic platform to publish administrative decisions, in accordance with Law No. 28/2017 – Article 9?

Did you assign an official employee to receive and respond to access to information requests, in accordance with Law No. 28/2017 – Article 15?

Thirty four  written answers were received (26%).  Gherbal analyzed all of them, created visuals from the collected data and set recommendation and a list of the names of 18 appointed officials to help others who wish to pursue requesting data from administrations.

You can check the full version of the report on this link