Access to information: most public administrations failed the test

The Presidency of the Republic, the Presidency of the Government and the Parliament systematically refused to apply the law on the right to access to information, a fundamental text in the fight against corruption. The very people who are supposed to set a good example, starting with the very people who concocted this law passed in 2017, have failed in their most basic obligation.

This is what emerges from the new report published by Gherbal Initiative, an NGO working to fight against corruption and to spread the culture of transparency among citizens and to become involved in the fight against corruption and accountability.

At an official ceremony attended yesterday (Friday, September 27th -2019) by MPs, diplomats and several representatives of civil society, the Gherbal Initiative announced the results of nearly a year of sustained efforts to test the will of administrations to implement the new law on access to information, as well as their willingness to be transparent, as required by this law.

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