Who Are We

Founded in 2017, Gherbal Initiative (GI) is a non-profit civil company whose mission is to push for transparency and accountability. Gherbal, [means sift in Arabic language], is founded on the idea that the democratization of data can act as an antidote to corruption. GI collects and converts complex datasets into accessible and engaging visualizations that frame public discourse and propel political action.

Gherbal Initiative aims to make data visually accessible to the public.

To combat corruption in the public and private sectors by pushing for transparency and advocating for the right to access information.


What We Do

The Gherbal team is composed of  a team of researchers,  data analysts and graphic designers, who work collaboratively, abiding by strict ethical and legal guidelines, to gather and analyze information, synthesize it, and disseminate it in the form of powerful visuals.

Data Collection
Our team collects required data from a number of sources including: information requests  from relevant institutions, distribution of questionnaires or surveys, documented telephone calls, documents collecting, archives, and interviews.

Data Analysis
After collecting data, they are summarized, evaluated and translated with interactive visualization.

Data Dissemination
The data and analysis’ results are presented in detailed public reports with different formats of graphs or illustrations through our website, social media platforms, and printed reports.



Our Work Values

We work hard to verify our information prior to publication with our commitment to professional rules and ethics.

We apply the principles of transparency in our work, especially in the data collection process, as well as in all decisions, statements, opinions and comments we publish.

We refuse any discrimination on any grounds (gender, age, skin color, belief, race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, nationality or any other personal characteristics). We also believe in the freedom of expression and abiding by applicable laws.

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