Gherbal Initiative was launched in 2018 and has aimed since its’ establishment to serve as the missing link between the citizens and the public administrations. Gherbal aims to transform the political discussion and rhetoric in Lebanon from a biased one based on sectarianism and clientelism, to an open dialogue based on facts and numbers. Hence Gherbal has worked mainly on the following topics:

  • Explaining the laws for citizens in the simplistic forms through brochures, manuals, infographics, and animation videos.
  • Ensuring that the public administrations are applying laws’ provisions and publishing periodic reports assessing their performances; especially laws that are related to transparency, access to information and anti-corruption.
  • Supporting citizens and local organizations through trainings, capacity building, and consultations especially in data collection and visualization. Gherbal also submits formal requests of information on behalf of other entities.

We believe that the democratization of data can act as an antidote to corruption. We thrive to collect and convert complex data sets into accessible and engaging visualizations understood by the public, in order to enhance rule of law and social justice.

  • Abdel Hadi Street

  • Vrianian Bldg., 1st Flr

  • Beirut, Lebanon

  • 01 202 208

  • 81 858 568